Video: make zuccini chips yourself - simple & healthy

Video: make zuccini chips yourself - simple & healthy

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In the evening in front of the TV we like to enjoy something delicious. Most of them are chips or gummy bears. But sometimes it's just too seductive. Today there is a delicious alternative.

We all know that chips, gummy bears etc. are not exactly healthy. That is why I am now and then looking for a healthy alternative. During my last research I came across the video from Sim's Kitchenette. She makes delicious zucchini chips here. They are absolutely delicious and quickly prepared. After all, when you tear open the chip bag, you don't stand in the kitchen forever. 😉

The video is in English, but it doesn't matter. You can see exactly what you have to do and when, but you don't have to be fluent in English.

Did you know?

Courgettes are hard to imagine without in German cuisine. Although they consist largely of water, they also contain many healthy nutrients. It is rich in fiber, protein and carbohydrates and is also considered a donor for vitamin A and vitamin E. Due to the high water content and the easy digestibility, zucchinis are ideal for a diet.

By the way: In this video, the zucchini is only seasoned with salt. However, you can use all the spices you want here. The whole thing also tastes great with Italian herbs, garlic or curry. What tastes good is allowed.