Freeze Sugar Peas - How To Do It Right

Freeze Sugar Peas - How To Do It Right

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Sweet peas can only be bought fresh a few months a year. That is exactly why many like to freeze. But can you do anything wrong?

Always blanch the peas before freezing

Sugar peas are among the particularly tender pea varieties that, botanically speaking, belong to the so-called butterfly flowers. These legumes are primarily characterized by their high sugar content, which is why they are also called. They are usually harvested very early so that an inedible layer of parchment cannot form on the inside of the pod. Therefore you can also eat them together with the pod.

The sugar snap peas were already known as a delicacy in France at the time of Louis XIV. It is therefore not surprising that this vegetable was only reserved for the nobility at the time. Unfortunately, sugar snap peas are not quite cheap in our time either. This is because their season is very short. They are harvested in spring together with the asparagus and the young carrots. In Germany, they are only available in stores for about two months. However, to be able to enjoy sugar peas for the rest of the year, many freeze them. But how do you actually do it right?

Important: pay attention to freshness when shopping

Sugar peas are offered in the supermarket in sealed packaging. You can only get the vegetables individually at the weekly market. If you want to freeze them, you should make sure when buying that the pods are juicy green and crisp. You can recognize the freshness e.g. that the pods squeak when you rub them together. On the other hand, not so fresh specimens mostly have yellow spots or stains.

How to properly freeze peas

You can usually keep fresh peas in the fridge's vegetable compartment for up to five days. Simply wrap the pods with a damp kitchen towel or place them in a plastic bag. However, if you want to have some of these vegetables for longer, you can also freeze the pods.

➤ Proceed as follows:

It is important that you clean the legumes before freezing and then blanch them briefly. To do this, dip the peas in boiling water for three to five minutes and then quench them with cold water. This has the advantage that the pods keep their green color. Then drain the peas well, then place them in a freezer bag or other suitable container and freeze. The sugar snap peas can be stored in the freezer for up to 24 months.

To defrost, simply put the peas in boiling water. Then you can e.g. Process directly into sugar pea soup.