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Ginger nutritional values ​​- that's in the tuber

Ginger nutritional values ​​- that's in the tuber

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Some like it, others find it tastes soapy. Tastes are different. But one thing is clear: ginger is more than just healthy.

Ginger is low in calories and healthy

It actually looks quite inconspicuous and yet offers an abundance of nutrients for a healthy diet: we are talking about the ginger tuber. In Asia it is e.g. valued for its positive effect on the organism for thousands of years. In addition, the ginger with its spicy-sweet taste also creates attractive accents in Asian cuisine. So the tuber is e.g. especially popular with fans of sushi and co.

But ginger is also a remedy. For example, the tuber has an antibacterial effect and is often used against nausea. So it can be worth eating ginger more often, because the tuber not only tastes good, it is also very healthy.

It's all in the bulb

With 80 kcal per 100 g, the ginger is low in calories and can be used well on a diet. But otherwise, ginger should be used more often as an ingredient in cooking due to its numerous important nutrients. Finally, in addition to vitamin C, sodium and magnesium, ginger also contains:

NutrientImportance for the body
Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6These vitamins are important for the nervous system and strengthen the immune system.
calciumThe tuber contains a total of 18 mg per 100 g of fresh ginger. The calcium is also important for the bones.
potassium415 mg per 100 ginger ensure cell growth and contribute to the acid-base balance.
Borneol and Cineol:These are essential oils that promote digestion and stimulate the circulation.

As you can see, the ginger really has it all. So dare to try the inconspicuous tuber. You will be amazed at how delicious dishes taste that are flavored with ginger. Recommended reading: Store ginger correctly - this way it stays fresh for a long time.