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Video: Rhododrendon cut after flowering - Instructions & Tips

Video: Rhododrendon cut after flowering - Instructions & Tips

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Rhododendrons are very popular with hobby gardeners. They are actually very easy to care for and bring beautiful full flowers in bright colors in early spring. And although a rhododendron is actually considered to be very easy to care for, there is a lot you can do wrong here.

Cutting the rhododendron, for example, is particularly uncertain. While some believe that the plant should not be pruned, garden professionals disagree. This video explains why you should cut your rhododendron at all and how exactly you have to do it.

If you cherish your rhododendron, but have been a little more reserved with the cut so far, you should definitely watch the video. You will be amazed how the plant will thank you.

Did you know?

Rhododendrons are shallow roots and should not be in areas where they can dry out quickly. The best places are actually in the shade under larger trees. But beware!

Not every shade tree is the ideal neighbor for a rhododendron. Birch, beech, linden, maple, poplar, willow and chestnut could deprive the rhododendron of water and nutrients. The better shade providers would be oaks, fruit trees, magnolias, laburnum and yew trees.