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Dispute over tall trees

Dispute over tall trees

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Tall trees can become an issue

Trees belong in a garden, they belong to nature and everyone likes them. However, the whole thing is restricted if the neighbor high trees in the garden, which, thanks to their shadows, ensure that you no longer get sun on your own property.

Minimum clearances must be observed
It is even worse if the shadows no longer want to grow or even break. Do you have options here and if so, which ones? This is a very difficult matter, because of which many processes have been conducted. The law says that the neighbor must maintain the minimum distances to the neighboring property.

Don't just cut down trees
However, if you find that these distances have not been observed, you can request a regular cut back. Since trees are subject to very special protection, it is not allowed to simply cut them down.

Accept shadows
Jurisprudence says that when you use a garden and enjoy the comfort of healthy and cool air, you also have to accept the disadvantages of shade or falling leaves.