Hibernate laurel - this is important to note

Hibernate laurel - this is important to note

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Some only know laurel from the kitchen, others have it in the garden. In order for it to stand there for a long time, it must be overwintered properly.

Cut the bay already in spring

The laurel is an evergreen shrub or tree that attracts attention with its fragrant leaves. The flowers, however, are rather inconspicuous. Nevertheless, a laurel bush or tree is a very nice plant and fits in pretty much any garden.

Once you have a laurel bush in the garden, most don't want to miss it anymore. Unfortunately, many people don't notice that they have to do something about it. For example, in winter. If you don't pay attention to a few important things here, you can expect the laurel to come in.

So the laurel hibernates properly

➤ Cut laurel in spring:

There are a number of things you need to consider long before hibernation. In order for the plant to fit in the space provided for the winter, you need the laurel e.g. cut already in spring. The cut itself is smooth and at a 45 degree angle. You also need to cut off sick and injured branches, as well as withered flowers.

➤ Location in winter:

The laurel needs a frost-free, bright location for the winter. The winter garden, for example, is very suitable for this. Alternatively, it is also possible to hibernate in the stairwell or in the bedroom, i.e. in unheated rooms.

➤ pour properly:

During the winter, you have to water the laurel sparingly every two weeks. Always pay attention to an even bale moisture and ideally use lime-free water.