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Sugar peas nutritional values ​​- that's in sugar snap peas

Sugar peas nutritional values ​​- that's in sugar snap peas

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Sweet peas are very popular not only with adults because of their sweet taste, but also with children. But are they also healthy or little fattening foods?

Sweet peas are rich in vegetable protein

The sweet pea is also known as kefe, sugar snap peas or Kaiserschote and belongs to the Fabaceae family. These plants are not only found in Europe, but also in India, North America and in some parts of Africa. From there, the delicious pods or peas often reach us in the supermarket.

But why are sugar peas so popular? This is mainly because the peas taste very sweet. So they are also popular with children. In addition, not only the peas contained in the pods can be eaten, but the entire pod. But the most important thing: sweet peas are healthy.

100 grams of sweet peas contain:

Nutritional informationPer 100 grams
calories93 kcal
fat0.5 g
carbohydrates13.9 g
protein6.7 g
sodium2 mg
potassium296 mg
calcium26 mg
magnesium33 mg
phosphorus119 mg
iron1.9 mg
carotene0.54 mg
Vitamin B10.28 mg
Vitamin B20.15 mg
Vitamin B60.17 mg
vitamin C25.5 mg

By the way:

Sugar snap peas are easily digestible legumes and are rich in vegetable protein. The environmental impact from possible nitrate content is also extremely low, since the plants grow primarily in their shells.