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Fighting spider mites on coconut palms - how it works

Fighting spider mites on coconut palms - how it works

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They are so small, but they can do huge damage to coconut palms. Spider mites are meant. But we will tell you how to get rid of them.

Spider mites occur when the air is too dry

Coconut palms are not very sensitive and robust in their natural environment. However, the climatic conditions that the palms need do not prevail in this country, so that they can quickly become ill or suffer from pests in unfavorable conditions. For example, spider mites occur very often in a coconut palm tree, which are noticeable by yellowish to whitish fronds and often also very fine webs on the underside.

The problem with the whole thing is the low humidity that prevails in our apartments. It is the trigger for spider mites to spread on the coconut palms. If the dry heating air is added in autumn or winter, you can almost watch the spider mites spread and the leaves of the coconut palm turn brown. Then you have to act quickly to save the plant.

So the spider mites disappear again

➤ Shower the coconut tree:

As already mentioned, spider mites occur when the air is too dry. In order to scare away the unloved “guests”, it helps if you regularly spray or shower the coconut palm with water. It is best to do the following:

  1. Take a plastic bag and put it over the flowerpot from below. Then tie the plastic bag at the top.
  2. Then place the palm tree in the bath or shower and shower it carefully.
  3. Then put a transparent plastic bag from above over the coconut tree and let the plant stand for a whole week.

The consequence of it all: Since spider mites do not like moist air, they will quickly disappear. It is only important that you supply the coconut palm with water as normal during this time.

➤ Use Neem products to combat:

You can also control the spider mites with so-called Neem products (e.g. available here) without chemicals. These are products that are made from natural, renewable raw materials and act against sucking and biting pests. Simply apply according to the manufacturer's instructions and the spider mites disappear again.