Transplanting a magnolia tree - step by step instructions

Transplanting a magnolia tree - step by step instructions

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A magnolia tree can certainly be transplanted at any time. However, there are a number of things you have to do to ensure that the tree grows well in its new location.

Autumn is best for transplanting

It is often the case: you plant a sapling and when it has developed into a real tree, you first notice that it is in the wrong place. Of course, this can also happen to you with a magnolia tree. Then it's time to get to work and transplant the magnolia tree.

When is the best time to transplant?

Autumn is best for transplanting, because then the magnolia tree has shed all its leaves. The second best time to move the tree is spring.

This is what the right location looks like

Before starting the transplanting work, you first have to find a suitable location for the tree. After all, magnolias like sheltered spots that are partially shaded or not completely sunny.

You also have to remember that a magnolia tree takes up a lot of space, because magnolias shouldn't be pruned after all. A cut does not matter to the trees, but it can happen that unsightly broom shoots form even a few years later.

Ideally, the soil for the magnolia should be slightly acidic. You can also mix in some peat or rhododendron soil when transplanting.

How to transplant a magnolia tree properly

  1. Look at the root ball of the plant. You have to dig out the planting hole about twice as large.
  2. Then place the magnolia tree in the planting hole and fill everything with soil.
  3. Since magnolias are flat rooters, many of the important small roots are close to the surface, which is why you still have to water the tree very well. But even later, it is important that you always provide the magnolia tree with sufficient water.


Do not cut back the magnolia tree. Should branches die after a while, then you really only cut out the dead wood. Reading tip: Caring for magnolia - 4 tips.