Video: wind up the trimmer line - this is how it's done

Video: wind up the trimmer line - this is how it's done

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As long as the trimmer line is long enough, it cuts the lawn or weed cleanly. But if it is all out, it must be renewed. Many go to the hardware store and buy a whole new spool. It is more expensive, but you do not have to struggle with winding a new thread. It's not that difficult if you know exactly how to do it.

Since I was only recently faced with this task, I know what I'm talking about here. I almost went crazy because it just didn't work. Then I pulled out my cell phone and with the video instruction from “The Technician” it really worked very simply. You just have to find the right start.

Trimmer-thread buying tips

There are two types of trimmer line:

  • square cutting threads
  • round cutting threads

The square cutting threads have the advantage that the cutting result is better due to the sharp edges. In addition, the energy consumption of these threads is significantly lower.

The round cutting threads impress with their longer durability in contrast to the square cutting threads.