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Cut Camellias - How To Do It Right

Cut Camellias - How To Do It Right

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Camellias are flowers that need a lot of care. Among other things, they also have to be cut. But be careful: there is a lot to consider here.

Camellias rarely need to be cut

Usually, camellias rarely need to be cut. However, it is advisable to always remove the weaker and non-flowering wild shoots. Correct pruning, on the other hand, is only recommended for very old plants. If you ever have to make a larger cut, then it is best to spread it over several years.

When do camellias have to be cut?

The best time for cutting is between May and July. One rule says that the camellia should not be cut further if the first leaves only start after about 20 cm. Some species will not sprout again so quickly.

How to cut the camellia correctly

Interestingly, camellias bloom out of the growth they achieved last year. It is best to cut these flowers off immediately after flowering. By doing this, you will save the plants a lot of time to develop new buds.

Of course, you also have to cut off rotten, sick and dead shoots. After all, you want your camellias to show healthy growth. Cut the withered or sick and dead branches until the healthy growth is visible.

Important: Always cut off little

Most plants only require sparse pruning. But keep them in shape. It is best to prune the plant only in small steps. Usually it is enough to remove the shoots that have just faded away.