Grow zucchini on the balcony or terrace and harvest fresh

Grow zucchini on the balcony or terrace and harvest fresh

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Do not enjoy a garden but still freshly harvested vegetables. Zucchini is easy to grow in the bucket on the balcony.

Freshly picked zucchini: this vegetable can also be grown on the balcony.

Do you live in the city and don't have a garden? For most of those affected, it is then off to the supermarket or health food store to buy fruit and vegetables. But many of these townspeople have long enjoyed gardening in a small space.

They grow their own vegetables in pots and tubs on their balconies or patios. Easy-care vegetables such as tomatoes and zucchini are preferred.

Zucchini: Problem-free vegetables even for inexperienced balcony gardeners

1. Open the zucchini in the pot yourself

  • 3 to 4 small flower pots
  • seed sowing
  • zucchini seeds

Zucchini are sown in the house at the beginning of April. To do this, fill smaller pots with seed soil, water them well and then insert the seeds about 1 cm deep into the soil. Then cover the grains and water your seeds well.

Even if you only want to grow one zucchini plant, it is advisable to sow this vegetable in 3 to 4 seed pots. This ensures success, because not all seeds always sprout.

The pots are now placed in a warm place. Make sure that the sowing is kept evenly moist. So the seeds germinate after about 8 to 10 days. As soon as the zucchini plants are well rooted, i.e. the roots protrude from the bottom of the pot, you can transplant them into a larger pot.

The young plants should not be placed on the balcony before mid-May because zucchini cannot tolerate frost.

2. Transplant into the tub

  • good potting soil
  • Compost and fertilizer like horn shavings
  • a large planter

It is advisable to generally check whether it is sunny enough on the balcony for the heat-loving zucchini. If so, prepare the planter. The planter should have a hole in the bottom, from which irrigation water can run off and therefore no waterlogging can occur. Then they line the bottom of the bucket with some gravel or a few pieces of clay. These serve as drainage and store the water. This keeps the soil in the pot evenly moist.

Zucchini are ideal for the planter on the balcony.

Now fill in the soil that was previously mixed with compost and horn shavings and moisten them thoroughly. Then carefully remove the zucchini plant from the small pot and place it in the larger planter. Now fill the pot with soil and gently press the plant down.

Finally, pour on your transplanted zucchini and place the tub in a sunny, warm place on the balcony.

If you water your zucchini pupils well every day, you can harvest the first fruits after about 2 months.