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Cut back daisies for a lush summer pile

Cut back daisies for a lush summer pile

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Marguerites are frugal in their care. However, they like a vigorous pruning after the first bloom and thank them with a lush second summer pile.

Margarites thank the vigorous pruning with a lush second summer pile.

Marguerites have long been classics in the garden. As in the field, they also enjoy great popularity as stems in a bucket or in a balcony box. This perennial plant is available in purple, red, pink or yellow colors. But the best known is by far the white daisy with its yellow eye in the middle of the flower.

Also because of its uncomplicated care, the daisy has taken a prominent place among the flowering perennials.
It is sufficient if it is watered regularly and fertilized occasionally. From time to time, however, it should also be cut back. You reward this little effort with a radiant pile.

Optical pleasure with little effort

If you cut back your daisies, you will encourage the flowering of your daisy and strengthen its growth.

The summer cut

The first pruning can be done in July, then the first flowering ends. Cut back the daisies vigorously. Up to a third of the plant height. Then the daisy will soon start to bloom again and there will be a second pile of flowers for the same summer.

The autumn cut

In autumn, towards the end of September or the beginning of October, cut down your flowering shrub a second time before hibernation.
In this way, the plant can gather new strength to be able to sprout again in the spring.