Video: cut hydrangeas correctly - instructions & care tips

Video: cut hydrangeas correctly - instructions & care tips

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Hydrangeas (hydrangeas) are absolutely popular with many hobby gardeners. They have beautiful flowers and are also very easy to care for. But what unsettles many is the topic of pruning. However, this effort is important to maintain the full bloom.

Depending on the variety, a hydrangea must be cut at different times. Mr. Jörg Schneider from the Schneider tree nursery explains this in great detail in his video. He goes into the two different types of panicle and ball hydrangeas and illustrates the pruning step by step. You will also get some tips for the care of hydrangeas on the way. As a hydrangea lover you should definitely watch this video. So nothing stands in the way of a rich bloom.

Did you know?

The soil not only plays an important role in the growth of the plant, but also decides on the color of the flowers. Acidic soils have a low pH between 4.0 and 4.5. The increased aluminum content turns pink flowers into rich blue flowers over time. If your soil does not have a low pH, you can help with hydrangea or aluminum sulfate. The so-called blue fertilizer is available for less than 10 euros.

But it is also the other way around. You can also change blue flowers to pink ones. To do this, you need to increase the pH. This is easily done with the addition of lime.