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Chia seeds nutritional values ​​- that's in the superfood

Chia seeds nutritional values ​​- that's in the superfood

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Chia seeds have been on everyone's lips for almost a year. No wonder, because the small seeds are considered superfood and contain many important nutrients.

Very healthy and true superfood: chia seeds

More and more people are paying attention to their diet, do without meat and other animal products and want to eat healthy and balanced. In the course of this development, some foods are once again being noticed, some of which have been used for millennia and then long forgotten. These foods include chia seeds from the Andes, which are also becoming increasingly popular in Germany and especially appreciated by vegetarians and vegans.

But also for everyone who eats animal products and meat, chia seeds are a valuable food because they are real bundles of energy and are full of healthy ingredients.

It's in the seeds

The Maya already knew and used chia seeds. The small grains were eaten as grits and a kind of energy bar and provided endurance and strength. No wonder if you take a closer look at the numerous ingredients in the seeds:

➣ Omega-3 and Omega-6 content:

With 19 g per 100 g seeds, their omega-3 and omega-6 content is the highest vegetable value at all and is higher than that of salmon, for example.

➣ Dietary fiber:

34 g of fiber per 100 g of seeds ensure long-lasting satiety and promote digestion.

➣ Proteins:

20 percent protein content provides important protein especially for vegans and is in no way inferior to soy.

➣ Vitamins / minerals:

Vitamin B1, B3 and vitamin E are also contained in large quantities, as is copper, zinc and magnesium.

With nutritional values ​​of around 486 kcal at 100 g, they are not necessarily low-calorie foods, but they fill you up for a long time and swell in your stomach. Thus, they prevent cravings and ensure a constant blood sugar level, so you can do without snacks.

If you drink a lot of water and exercise regularly, the chia seeds can even help you lose weight. Chia seeds are a healthy alternative to muesli, pudding and Co. and provide the body with everything it needs to stay healthy. Recommended reading: Chia pudding: basic recipe and delicious recipe suggestions presented.