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Sowing Pansies - How To Do It Right

Sowing Pansies - How To Do It Right

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They come in countless colors, in different sizes and in all kinds of shades: pansies. But instead of buying them, just sow them yourself.

Pansies are also called beautiful faces

Pansies are also called "beautiful face" and are among the most popular plants. Both in the home garden as well as in green areas and parks. They are also durable, robust and diverse. But it would be boring to just put the little plants in the garden. Finally, in garden markets you will find a huge selection of seeds. So you can put pansies in the garden according to your own taste. If you then observe some important points when sowing, you will enjoy your pansies for a long time, because depending on the variety, they bloom from Easter to autumn.

The right location for pansies

Before sowing, you need to consider where you want to plant the pansies. When choosing a location, it depends on whether you want to sow summer-flowering pansies or spring-flowering plants that hibernate outdoors.

➤ Summer blooming pansies:

Summer bloomers that are planted from May must always be planted in the penumbra. For example, a location near a tree is favorable.

➤ spring flowering pansies:

If you want to plant pansies that hibernate, that is, only planted towards the end of summer, you can choose both a partially shaded spot and a spot with full sun.

The best time to sow

After choosing the right location, sowing follows. Again, it depends on whether you have chosen spring or summer bloomers.

➤ Summer blooming pansies:

If you want pansies that bloom in summer, sow the seeds in pots or growing bowls in February and keep the seeds warm and evenly moist. After the plants have risen, separate them and put them in the garden in May.

➤ spring flowering pansies:

Pansies that bloom in spring must be planted in pots in August and then planted outside by mid-October at the latest. They are frost hardy and robust and bloom in February depending on the weather.

If you want to have pansies blooming in the garden from spring to autumn, you can enjoy the flowers of the pansies from March to October with a little planning and two sowings. Recommended reading: Fertilize pansies - How to do it right.