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Barbecue on the balcony - regulations & safety tips for barbecue fans

Barbecue on the balcony - regulations & safety tips for barbecue fans

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Finally summer! Now nothing stands in the way of nice barbecues. But be careful: if you want to light your grill on the balcony, you have to follow a few rules.

Barbecue on the balcony: popular, but also legal?

As soon as the temperatures rise, there is an aromatic barbecue scent in the air again. No wonder, because barbecuing is one of the favorite German pastimes. Of course, even balcony owners don't want to miss out on this fun. Just because they don't have a garden doesn't mean that they have to do without sausage, steak and the like.

I am currently working on this topic a little more and am putting together a grill (see here). Since I already have a grill in my leased garden, but I don't yet have one for my rented apartment, I thought about it a little and did a little research.

If you live in a rented apartment, you have to be careful. Grilling on the balcony is always a cause for trouble with the neighbors. And who likes to mess around with these? After all, it is so nice and practical that the neighbors can always help out with a cup of sugar or a piece of butter. So if you don't want to risk trouble, the best thing to do is to just follow the rules.

What are the rules for grilling on the balcony?

There are no clearly defined rules for grilling on the balcony in Germany. Basically, according to the German Tenants' Association (DMB), it is allowed (see information on // However, this does not apply if there is something else in your rental contract. So take this one at hand and check whether barbecuing on the balcony is prohibited. Especially in tightly built residential areas, landlords prohibit barbecuing on the balcony.

Furthermore, barbecuing on the balcony is not allowed if your neighbors feel disturbed by the smell or smoke or if the smoke draws into their apartment. You will then not receive a warning from your landlord, but in the worst case you could be fined because of an administrative offense. It is best here if you just want to talk to all the neighbors.


Even if you make sure that no smoke moves into the other apartments - the barbecue party ends at 10 p.m. Because then the night's rest begins. You can still grill, but there shouldn't be any noise on the balcony that may disturb the neighbors. And that applies until 7 a.m.

Safety tips for grilling on the balcony

❖ Tip 1 - Use an electric or gas grill:

If you want to grill on the balcony, a charcoal grill is not exactly the right choice. There is simply too much smoke, which in turn increases the risk of neighbors complaining. So if you want to avoid this problem from the outset, then you'd better use an electric or gas grill. The latter grill variant is best suited for the balcony, because there is no need for a socket on the balcony. In addition:

  • you don't need to preheat the grill for long
  • the grill temperature can be regulated
  • there is no smoke

But if you think that a gas grill must always be big and massive, you're wrong. There are also many small models that work well. You link tip above.

❖ Tip 2 - keep a safe distance:

Even if you place a small grill on the balcony: always keep a safe distance from other objects and people, because even the smaller models get very hot all around. Also make sure that children do not go to the hot grill or play next to it.

❖ Tip 3 - Provide watering can / fire extinguisher:

It is best to always place a watering can with water in a corner on the balcony. If the charcoal grill catches fire uncontrollably, you can quickly extinguish the embers. But do not use the water for burning fat! In this case, a small fire extinguisher or fire extinguishing spray should be used (e.g. available at //

❖ Tip 4 - Inform neighbors in good time:

If you want to grill on the balcony with a charcoal grill, inform your neighbors in good time. This is important because grilling with charcoal releases carbon monoxide, which can lead to poisoning in closed rooms. Understanding neighbors do not forbid barbecuing, they simply close their windows in time.

Small additional tip:

If a neighbor turns upside down, just invite them to your barbecue party. Because if you are eaten free of charge, you will certainly not cause any trouble.