Video: Living privacy screen - wicker fence made of willows

Video: Living privacy screen - wicker fence made of willows

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In many gardens, willows are hard to imagine. Not only because they are very easy to care for, but also because you can use them to demonstrate your artistic talent. In addition to baskets, bowls, climbing aids for plants and other decorative accessories, willows can also be used to create optimal layer protection.

The video comes from the program “Querbeet” from the Bavarian radio and shows step by step the production of a wicker fence. Kathrin Robl also explains which types of willow are best suited for braiding and, above all, how to recognize good willows.

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The active ingredient salicin is found in the pasture. It is a pain reliever that is known for example from aspirin. When brewed as tea, the willow can help against headaches, but also with rheumatic complaints or flu. For the tea, pour boiling water over two teaspoons of willow bark and let it steep for ten minutes.