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Video: Mini garden in a pot - upcycling broken flower pots

Video: Mini garden in a pot - upcycling broken flower pots

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There are a few reasons why a flower pot breaks. Whether the kids weren't really paying attention while romping or when another storm swept across the country. The fact is: it is broken and actually no longer serves its purpose. Actually! Because a broken clay pot can still be perfectly upcycled, as this video shows.

Throwing away was yesterday. Old defective objects are increasingly being brought to new life. I think it's great what often comes out of it. Like this little rock garden. As a whole, it looks like a giant project, where you should probably be a decoration talent and florist in one. But with this video tutorial, a few stones, some moss and the right plants, everyone is guaranteed to get it.

I find this little pot garden very decorative and think that it is also a nice souvenir. And if there is no broken flowerpot, this “do it yourself” is definitely worth breaking down a new pot. 😉

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Succulents are perfect plants for watering rotten. They store the water in their bodies and can therefore last several days without water. It is important, however, that they get a bright and sunny location. There are different types of succulents, but they all look like little works of art. And that is exactly why they are so popular as a decoration in the garden.