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Repotting daisies - the roots need new space

Repotting daisies - the roots need new space

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Marguerites in a bucket or pot should be repotted regularly. In this way they develop into robust and glamorous bloomers over the years.

Daisies impress with their brilliant bloom.

Daisies (Leucanthemum) have long conquered the hearts of flower lovers. Whether in the garden as discounts or in the tub on the terrace, their glamorous abundance of flowers makes them so popular. They bloom from May to October.

For potted daisies, it can get too tight in your planter over time, because their roots develop into a strong bale. In addition, the soil in the pot or bucket gradually emaciates because the plant uses up the nutrients. Now it's time to replant the daisies. After all, they should continue to grow vigorously and bloom splendidly.

When transplanting your daisies, consider the following:

  • the new planter, whether made of clay or plastic, should be about 2 cm wider and higher than the previous one,
  • use nutrient-rich potting soil,
  • cover the hole in the bottom of the pot with coarse gravel or shards of clay.

Repotting daisies step by step

1Fill your new pot with a small layer of gravel or shards of clay, about an inch high. This serves as drainage to prevent waterlogging and therefore decay.

2 Soil is now added to up to a quarter of the pot content. Moisten them a little. Then carefully lift the daisy out of its old pot, being careful not to damage the roots. Now you can carefully loosen the roots with your fingers if they stick too tightly together.

3The plant is then carefully placed in the new container. Now fill the pot with soil and carefully press the daisy into place. Finally, the plant is watered.

Do not fertilize the transplanted daisy yet. Only after about two weeks will she get some liquid fertilizer. Now the pot plant has to be watered regularly in order to be able to bloom again.