Building a sandpit from tractor tires - it's that easy

Building a sandpit from tractor tires - it's that easy

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Buying a sandpit can cost a lot. So our tip: just build a sandpit out of a tractor tire. It is much cheaper.

Implemented quickly and easily: the tractor tire sandpit

There is probably no child who does not like to play in the sandpit. No wonder, because building sand castles and baking “cakes” out of sand is really fun for every child. So it is all the better when you can watch the little ones having fun and enjoy their cheerfulness while playing. In order for this to be possible, however, you need your own sandpit. But it can be very expensive.

If you do not place so much value on a modern sandpit, you can easily save a lot of money. How? By converting an old tractor tire into a sandpit. It is quick and inexpensive. Reading tip: Build your own sandpit - explained step by step.

Advantages of a tractor tire sandpit

A sandpit made from tractor tires has several advantages:

  • No manual skills are required to manufacture such a sandpit.
  • The sandpit is inexpensive.
  • The children can sit on the tires while playing.
  • Since the tire is very heavy, it stays in place even in strong winds.

Where can you get a tractor tire from?

Of course, you don't have to buy tractor tires for a sandpit. Just ask a farmer. Since the disposal of such tires often puts a heavy burden on your wallet, many farmers give away their old tractor tires. Upon request, this will certainly be delivered with pleasure. Converting it into a sandpit is really child's play.

This is how a tractor tire becomes a sandpit

➥ Step 1:

Before the farmer delivers the tire or you pick it up, it is best to have the diameter of the tire stated. Then, for example, buy a wooden plate at the hardware store that is slightly larger than the tire diameter.

In addition, it is advisable to buy a film of the appropriate size from the hardware store to cover the sandpit. This protects the sand from rain, hail and snow.

2 Step 2:

Simply place the wooden plate on the floor, place the tire on it and fill the sandpit with sand. Since the plate is a bit larger, you can quickly and easily sweep up the sand that has fallen out.

3 Step 3:

If a black tire is too boring for you, you can now beautify it. For example, you can spray it or paint it. There are no limits to your imagination.