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Freeze beetroot - it's that easy

Freeze beetroot - it's that easy

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Beetroot is not only very tasty, it also has a long shelf life. However, if you only want to prepare them later, you can also freeze them.

Beetroot is naturally long-lasting

Beetroot can really be prepared in many different ways. However, if you don't have time to use the fresh beetroot immediately or want to buy a supply, you can freeze the delicious vegetables without any problems.

First of all, it is worth knowing that you don't necessarily have to use the beetroot immediately. After all, the tubers keep in the refrigerator for an average of about 14 to 28 days (reading tip: store beetroot - how to do it correctly). However, if you want to consume them later, you cannot avoid freezing.

How to properly freeze beetroot

➥ Step 1:

Before freezing the vegetables, it is advisable to steam the beetroot in a small amount of water for about 20 minutes.

2 Step 2:

Then you have to remove the peel from the beetroot. It is best to always wear gloves for this, because the vegetables rub off heavily.

3 Step 3:

Then you only have to cut the tubers into small pieces as required, fill them in suitable freezer boxes or bags and place them in the freezer. The vegetables then stay there for about twelve months.