Garlic butter recipe: quick & easy to prepare

Garlic butter recipe: quick & easy to prepare

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What should not be missing when grilling? Right, herb butter! Over time, however, you can get over it. Here is a recipe for delicious garlic butter.

Making garlic butter yourself is so easy

Herb butter is just part of grilling because it gives steaks and vegetables a fantastic aroma. Last but not least, the garlic contained in it ensures the delicious taste. So if you like to eat garlic anyway, you should use garlic butter instead of herbs. Not only does it taste wonderfully aromatic, you can also prepare it yourself quickly and easily with little effort.

The fresh garlic in the butter even has some positive effects on our organism. Garlic can e.g. promote digestion and strengthen the immune system. It also prevents hardening of the arteries. Instead of herb, you should make garlic butter yourself next time. Here is a simple basic recipe for it. You can of course refine this as you wish.

Garlic Butter Basic Recipe


  • normal butter
  • Cloves of garlic to taste
  • salt
  • pepper
  • Herbs to taste


➥ Step 1:

Soft butter is required to prepare the garlic butter. So take the butter out of the fridge some time before it is prepared so that it can reach room temperature.

2 Step 2:

Once the butter has reached room temperature, it can easily be crushed with a fork. Knead them until you get a smooth mass. Then season the butter with salt and pepper. The spices must be worked into the butter evenly so that some parts of the butter do not taste much salty than others.

3 Step 3:

Now peel and chop the cloves of garlic. If you have a garlic press, you can of course use it. Otherwise, simply cut the garlic into fine cubes with a knife.

To make the garlic nice and soft, then add a little salt over it and use the flat side of a knife to make it into a pulp. Then mix the mixture into the butter with a fork and distribute it evenly.

4 Step 4:

If you like fresh herbs, you can also work with them afterwards. It all depends on which herbs you like. Taste particularly delicious, for example Parsley, chives and thyme.

5 Step 5:

When the garlic butter is ready, you can still bring it into an appealing shape. For example, you can shape them into a roll and slice them. Or you can use small cookie cutters for molding. It looks particularly original and appetizing.

You can also freeze the garlic butter in small portions. So you always have them at hand.