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3 tips: make the pool child-safe

3 tips: make the pool child-safe

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A pool in your own garden is something wonderful. But there are many dangers, especially for small children. Safety movements are therefore essential.

The temperatures climb above 30 degrees. For adults and children only one thing can be considered after work: Off into the water!

If you have your own pool, you naturally take every opportunity to jump into the cool water. Splashing, romping, swimming - especially children are difficult to get out of the water. But you can only get into the pool when adults are around. The little ones in particular can rarely swim and therefore need constant supervision.

But children who romp around the pool should also be kept in mind. Children cannot correctly assess the dangers.

Many drowning accidents

Statistics show that 39 children between the ages of 0 and 20 died from drowning in 2014. Especially with the first 16 you can almost assume that accidents at the pool or lake are the cause. Just a short inattentiveness and it's done. That is why it is so extremely important that the pool is designed to be childproof. Although you always set a firm goal, as a parent you just can't be everywhere.

Securing the pool - 3 options presented

Pool alarm

The doorbell rings, you have to go to the toilet or sort out the shopping - moments when the child in the pool is unobserved. A pool alarm is a clever option if the parents cannot look at the pool at all times. So it offers support.


There are devices that are attached to the pool. Unfortunately, these are often tied to a water level. So if it rains frequently or the water evaporates heavily, it can happen that the device beeps continuously and sounds the alarm. But there are also free-floating models such as the pool watcher, which acts regardless of the water level. This device was manufactured according to the French standard NFP 90-307 A1, since a law has already been enacted in France that prescribes the protection of a pool. The pool alarm responds with an unmistakable signal as soon as water movements can be detected. If there is no longer any movement of water, the device often switches off after a few minutes. If you want to learn more about the Poolwatcher, you can find more information at

Such a pool alarm does not prevent disasters, but ensures that they are recognized quickly. Those who react quickly increase the chances that the child will survive the experience undamaged.

Pool cover

In contrast to the cover, the pool warning system is rather an inexpensive variant. Nevertheless, stable protection is much safer. After all, technology can always fail.


Simple foils should not be used to secure the pool. When children step on it, they don't fall directly into the deep water, but they sink slowly with the light foil.

Strong and robust plastics are better. RivieraPool pools, for example, have a solid polycarbonate cover. This lies firmly and sinks to the safety edge under load. That is only a few centimeters. This way, your children who step on the cover accidentally or in the dark are well secured and can only get away with wet feet.

However, such coverage has another advantage. It stores the heat of the sun and passes it on to the water surface. Above all, this saves energy costs. The dirt in the pool is also reduced many times over with optimal coverage.

Set up the fence

The most expensive, but also the safest method is using fence elements. If you just put up a fence around the pool and lock it, you are on the safe side. So the child can not be too close to the pool in the absence. Pets are also protected from drowning.

There are various fence elements. You can build a fence from wood, set it up from metal or use different plug systems. Anything that suits the rest of the garden is allowed. Fences in the middle of the property can ultimately influence the overall picture.

!!! Despite all the precautions, never leave your child unattended at the pool !!!

First aid for children

Should it happen that your child or a neighboring child falls into the pool, you should react immediately and take possible first aid measures. You can find tips and immediate measures at