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Build a raised bed from gabions - explained step by step

Build a raised bed from gabions - explained step by step

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For many, gardening is more than just a hobby. Unfortunately, gardening also goes on the back. Raised beds can help here. The latest trend: gabion raised beds.

Raised beds from gabions are very trendy

Those who own a garden usually also grow fruit, vegetables and herbs. What used to be used to always have fresh food in the house has now become a real passion for many. While some moan and grumble when they have to prepare the garden, others are happy when they can finally dig in the garden again.

Honestly: it can be a bit difficult and difficult to tidy up the garden sometimes, but if you are rewarded with fresh food and beautiful plants, the work is really worth it, isn't it? Only bending and crouching while weeding, planting and harvesting can get on your back and knees and spoil the joy of gardening. But of course there is a solution to this problem. It's called raised bed.

What is a raised bed?

A raised bed is a construction made of wood or stone, similar to a flower pot, but is much larger and just higher up. Those who put up beds like this no longer have to worry about back pain and aching knees. You can get a few inspirations for a raised bed e.g. get on Otherwise, raised beds from gabions are currently very trendy. These are wire baskets whose walls are filled with stones. The great thing: the construction of a gabion raised bed is a child's play.

It's so easy to set up a gabion raised bed

Everything you need to build a raised bed from gabions is already available as a complete set. When I was looking for a suitable provider, I saw that you can buy gabions at Here you will find raised beds with different dimensions. And the good thing: Here you can also watch a suitable video instruction, which shows how the gabion raised bed is correctly constructed. Otherwise here everything is explained step by step in writing.

➥ Step 1:

Regardless of whether you choose a round or a rectangular raised bed made of gabions: the first thing you have to do is stake out the base area with a guide and pegs. Then remove the soil about 10 cm deep.

A little hint:

If you want to protect your raised bed from possible mole and vole attacks, it is best to lay out wire mesh on the bottom of the bed. Reading tip: drive away the mole - 3 tips.

2 Step 2:

You can then assemble the wire baskets or frames. Always start with the inner one. Assembling is really easy too. Take two parts that belong next to each other and connect them using the supplied spirals. You just have to screw them in clockwise on the outer edges of the grid parts.

3 Step 3:

Once the inner basket is assembled, cover the inside (not the bottom!) With fleece and attach it to the upper edge with some clothes pegs. Then insert the supplied spacers inside the basket. Simply make small slits in the fleece with a cutter knife and insert the spacers. This gives the inner basket more stability.

4 Step 4:

Then assemble the outer basket and then connect it to the inner basket using the spacers. This will keep the baskets in shape later.

5 Step 5:

What the gabion raised bed is still missing are the stones. Here you can decide which one to take. It is only important that the stones are not too small, otherwise they would fall through the mesh. How about e.g. with granite, basalt or limestone? If you like it unusual, you can also fill the gabions with pieces of glass. They are absolutely color-stable (even in extreme weather conditions) and make the raised bed a real eye-catcher in the garden. At you can get such glass stones e.g. available in different shades of blue and green, amber, black and clear - and in different grain sizes.

A little hint:

Combine the glass chunks with LED lamps, your gabion will be a real highlight even in the dark.

If you have chosen stones or broken glass, you can start filling. Always make sure that there are as few gaps as possible between the stones.

6 Step 6:

The raised bed is now almost finished. All you have to do now is fill and plant the inner part. To do this, you need to know that a raised bed always consists of five different layers. Fill it layer by layer as follows:

  1. Wood waste (shrub and tree pruning)
  2. Green waste, leaves
  3. dung
  4. Mixture of soil and compost
  5. nutrient-rich soil

Once this is done, you can plant your raised bed with flowers, fruits and vegetables or herbs as you wish.

For reading muffle here is the video for instructions: