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Transplanting cherry laurel - explained step by step

Transplanting cherry laurel - explained step by step

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You don't like the current location of your cherry laurel? Then simply transplant it. But be careful, because there are a few things to consider.

Cherry laurel hedge

With the garden it is usually like with the apartment: at some point you just have to have a fresh wind. Of course, changing something in the apartment is quick. Changing something in the garden is a little more difficult. After all, older plants that are unfavorable must be transplanted here.

Some plants tolerate this very well, while others are very sensitive to transplanting. Fortunately, the cherry laurel is not one of them. It usually grows quite well at its new location. But only if you consider a few important things when transplanting. It is best to just follow the instructions below so that nothing goes wrong when transplanting.

When is the best time to transplant?

It's best to transplant the cherry laurel in spring. Alternatively, you can implement it in autumn. However, it is then important that you do not start transplanting too late, because the plant must form new roots before the frost begins so that it can survive the winter.

How to transplant the cherry laurel properly

➤ Step 1:

If necessary, cut back the cherry laurel first. It is entirely possible to shorten the plant by a third or even up to half. The cherry laurel then grows back very quickly.

➤ Step 2:

Then dig a sufficiently large hole at the new location. Then loosen the soil around the hole and improve it with some good plant soil or with compost.

➤ Step 3:

Use a spade to prick the cherry laurel root ball and lift it out of the ground. You can then insert the plant directly into the hole that has already been dug out. It is important that you plant the cherry laurel as deep as it was planted in its old place. Then fill the rest of the hole with earth and then carefully tread it.

➤ Step 4:

It is very important to water the plant regularly, especially during the first few weeks after transplanting. In this way it grows well. But watering is also an absolute must in winter, as the cherry laurel is an evergreen plant. So it needs enough water even in the cold season, because a lot of moisture evaporates through the leaves. Reading tip: Watering evergreen plants in winter - that's how it's done.