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Prefer Swiss chard - This is how it's done

Prefer Swiss chard - This is how it's done

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Swiss chard is actually native to the Mediterranean and the Near East. But the vegetables also grow excellently with us. Especially if you prefer.


Most hobby gardeners are concerned year after year about what they could plant in the garden again. Lychees, pumpkins, cucumbers, peppers - the selection is really huge. It is not so easy to find something suitable. To help you something: Do you like spinach? Then just grow chard this year instead of spinach. It tastes just as delicious, is also very healthy and easy to grow. Reading tip: growing Swiss chard - this is how it's done.

Our tip: If you prefer the Swiss chard, you can start growing outdoors earlier. So choose a free spot in the greenhouse or on the windowsill and prefer the Swiss chard.

When can Swiss chard be sown?

You can easily grow the Swiss chard seeds from March. If you want to wait until April, you can also sow the plants in the bed and protect them from the cold with fleece or foil.

What needs to be considered when moving forward?

The seeds of the Swiss chard need a slightly humid and warm climate to germinate. It is therefore advisable to prefer the Swiss chard in a mini greenhouse for the window sill or in a special growing box for the greenhouse. Depending on the air humidity, you can also cover this breeding station with a film. Reading tip: move vegetables on the windowsill - that's how it's done.

The plants definitely need enough light. Otherwise the chard leaves do not form so well and you only get narrow, thin stems. In addition, high-quality seed soil is very important. Here you can spend a few euros more.

Important: don't forget to prick

After the first seedlings have formed small leaves, they must be pricked out. To do this, carefully lift the plants using a pricking stick and transfer them to a larger pot without damaging the roots. Carefully press down roots and soil and water. Then store the small chard plants warm and bright.

When does it go outside?

From the end of April you can plant the Swiss chard in the garden. It is helpful to know that the Swiss chard is a plant that prefers sunlight. The plants can also be in partial shade. It is only important that they find their place in a nutrient-rich soil. Then you only need to protect the plants from cold nights with a fleece and supply them regularly with some water.