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Cleaning the terrace almost without chemicals: Remove the green covering etc.

Cleaning the terrace almost without chemicals: Remove the green covering etc.

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If you want to remove greenery and moss from the terrace, you do not have to go straight to the chemical club. Try these natural home remedies.

Moss on washed concrete slabs

Finally the summer season starts again, the patio furniture is dusted and the grill is brought out of hibernation. But many patio owners are shocked when they first see the patio after winter.

Green covering, moss and a lot of dirt have collected on the floor covering of the terrace during the long, unused time.

To make it a cozy spot again, roll up your sleeves and hit the cleaning bucket. But how do you start and, above all, with what? The trade offers a special cleaner for almost every surface. But if you want to try it naturally, then you've come to the right place.

It depends on the terrace covering

Depending on which terrace covering you have chosen, the more or less work you have now. Years ago, our terrace was covered with washed concrete slabs. Actually, I find it quite practical, since the floor is not quite level and therefore not so smooth. But it is difficult to clean this flooring, so I have to go with the Kärcher every year.

It becomes much easier with wooden floorboards, because dirt and moss are not so easily “caught”. Even better are decking boards that are made of both plastic and wood (discovered on Pure wood is very susceptible to the weather, rots quickly and soaks up moss and so on like a sponge. The plastic-wood mixture is much more resistant and green coverings etc. can be removed much more easily.

Terrace tiles that are not corrugated, that is, have a very smooth surface, are the quickest way to get clean by scrubbing. Here you proceed as in the household, simply with a sink and water. If that's not enough, try the tips below.

Remove moss from the terrace

If, like us, you don't have a continuous floor slab on your terrace, you have to expect moss infestation. This is due to the moisture in autumn and winter, which provides the moss with the ideal nutrient. The "green" settles in the spaces from which it has to be washed out, so to speak.

❏ Handmade with joint scraper

If the moss infestation is manageable, it is sufficient if you get on your knees and scrape joint after joint. There are special joint scrapers (Amazon bestsellers for less than 10 euros), or you can use an old knife.

❏ Cola as a moss killer

The second variant, which I have not yet tested, is cola. Yes, you heard right! The phosphoric acid in the cola is supposed to ensure that the moss dies off. For me personally, it is not very comfortable to spread the extremely sweet liquid on the terrace. Depending on the size of the terrace, it can also be expensive fun because the cola must be used undiluted.

Cleaning the terrace: absolutely environmentally friendly

There is a lot of "chemistry" to buy in the trade, with which you can get the terrace clean again. But if you prefer to think about the environment, you proceed naturally. The only thing you need is water and a scrubbing brush. The rest explains this video:

Get rid of rust spots on the terrace

Yes, that also happens. Rust stains form on some patio floors, for example if you have used iron-containing moss killers. To remove them again, you can again use phosphoric acid, i.e. cola. Soak a rag with the black lemonade and place it on the stain overnight. Possibly rub something.

❏ Natural acidity against rust stains

Another option is citric acid. This also removes rust from the terrace, but it takes a little longer. Citric acid is available as a powder in every pharmacy. Vinegar or vinegar essence has about the same effect. Rub the stain with it and rinse with water.

❏ Stain remover from the drugstore

Stain remover from the drugstore is the third idea that I can recommend for terrace cleaning. What is actually intended for clothing (see also works outdoors. But be careful: the rust stain remover can leave bright spots on some flooring. It is better to test in an invisible area before use.

❏ Baking soda works too

The well-known baking ingredient also helps to prevent rust spots on the terrace. Sprinkle the baking soda on the rust stain and let it work. Moisten slightly, rub in and rinse thoroughly with water.

What to do with greenery on the terrace

The green, sometimes slippery covering is well known to every patio owner, no matter what type of flooring he has. To make the whole thing beautiful again and to remove the algae, I recommend:

❏ Vinegar cleaner from the detergent department

You can get vinegar cleaners in every supermarket. To be able to distribute it evenly, pour it into a watering can. Now "spray" all areas that are covered with green covering. Now some muscle strength is required again. The scrubber is now moving step by step. This may be a little more time and effort, but less chemical. Rinse again with clear water. You can also make the vinegar cleaner yourself by mixing pure vinegar with water in a ratio of 60:40.

When cleaning the terrace with various household remedies, you need to be patient because they do not always work immediately. To do this, remove algae, moss and green cover in a gentle way - the environment will thank you!