Store lychees correctly - this way the exotic fruits stay fresh

Store lychees correctly - this way the exotic fruits stay fresh

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Almost nobody knew them in the past, but today they are more popular than ever - however, if you want fresh lychees to not spoil quickly, you have to take a few things into account when storing them.


If you only know canned lychees and have never tried fresh specimens, you don't know how good the white fruits from China can taste. Finally, fresh lychees differ significantly from canned fruits. They taste sweet and sour at the same time and with their light nutmeg note they go perfectly with exotic fruit salads. So go for the fresh lychees the next time you shop. You don't even have to look for the fruit for a long time, because fresh lychees are now available all year round in many supermarkets and fruit shops.

If you now have the exotic fruits at home, but do not yet have a real appetite for them, please pay attention to the following points during storage, so that the taste and quality of the lychees do not suffer. After all, the fruits are relatively sensitive and accordingly suffer badly from incorrect storage.

How to store lychees properly

As with many types of fruit, lychees should be processed or eaten as soon as possible after purchase. If this is not possible, consider these points:

➤ only buy ripe lychees:

Lychees do not ripen. So when shopping, always make sure that you only buy ripe fruit. You can recognize this by a firm, pink-reddish shell. Immature lychees are greenish, overripe brownish. So it's best to keep your hands off these. Just keep in mind: the lighter the skin, the fresher the lychee.

➤ Storage at room temperature:

Since lychees have only a thin shell, they tend to dry out. Therefore, you should only store them for a maximum of one week. However, the temperature is very important. For example, the taste is best at room temperature.

➤ Storage in the fridge:

You can even store lychees in the fridge for a little longer than a week, but then you have to accept significant cuts in taste. Put the fruits in a plastic can or bag and put them in the fridge, but they will stay fresh for about two weeks.

By the way:

If you have a long patience, you can also grow lychees yourself from the seeds of the fruit. It is actually not that difficult in itself. You just need a lot of patience. Recommended reading: Breeding lychees - how it works.