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Fight apple scab - recognize and treat the fungus

Fight apple scab - recognize and treat the fungus

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Apple scab is a fungal disease on the apple tree

Apple scab can occur worldwide and is a well-known Fungal disease on the apple tree, The disease can be a major problem, especially when growing fruit. If a tree is infected, a second one can quickly become infected.

The apple scab occurs mainly in summer when there is a lot of precipitation. Both leaves and fruits then show the typical signs, because they get stains in a matt olive green color.

Brown spots due to apple scab

These spots will later turn brown or even black. The leaves and the fruits then fall off the tree prematurely. A special feature are the star-shaped cracks, which occur primarily on the apples themselves.

It is not the scab itself that is dangerous, but the putrefaction pathogens, which are easier to get to the fruit. As a result, the apples can be stored much shorter. The disease is not dangerous for humans and the fruits can still be eaten.

The risk of infection is greatest in spring.

Fight apple scab

  1. Leaves and fruits that are infected with apple scab should be collected and destroyed. But definitely not on the compost heap.
  2. In order for leaves and shoots to dry well, the tree top must be cut.
  3. Sometimes it is impossible to avoid using a scab control agent, but the use of chemicals in the garden should be avoided as far as possible.