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Make herbal liqueur yourself - it's that easy

Make herbal liqueur yourself - it's that easy

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After the festive Sunday roast, one should not be missing as a rule: the digestive herb liqueur. With this recipe you can easily make it yourself.

herbal liqueur

A herbal liqueur is often drunk after eating to stimulate digestion and to counteract the feeling of fullness. For this to work, it doesn't even have to be an expensive drop from the store. A simple homemade herb liqueur does the same. The great thing about it: if you make the herb liqueur yourself, you can prepare it completely according to your taste. And also: herbal liqueur is a great homemade gift from the garden.

You need:

❖ Alcohol:

To make a herbal liqueur yourself, of course, you need an alcoholic base. It can be vodka or grain, for example.

❖ herbs:

You also have to decide which herbs should be added to the liqueur later. In principle, you can put the herbs together according to your own taste. There should be two grams of each herb - either dried or fresh. Ideal herbs for the liqueur include rosemary, sage, oregano, mint, thyme, basil and chamomile.

❖ Candis & Organic Lemon:

In addition, 800 grams of sugar are also required. It is best to use candy here. If you want, you can round off the taste with a little lemon zest later. You then need an unsprayed organic lemon.

❖ dark glass bottle:

You always have to fill the herbal liqueur into a dark glass bottle so that the ingredients and the aroma are not negatively influenced by the light.

How to make herbal liqueur yourself

➥ Step 1:

Fill a liter of the alcohol into a container that you can later seal airtight. Then pour in the sugar. Then add the washed and chopped herbs. You don't have to weigh these to two grams each - you can also take a tablespoon each. Finally, add some of the grated lemon peel.

2 Step 2:

Once you have put all the ingredients together, all you have to do is close the container tightly and let the mixture soak in a warm place for around four to six weeks. During this time, it is important that you stir the mixture thoroughly every day or shake the jar well.

3 Step 3:

After the four to six weeks, all you have to do is pour the liquid through a fine sieve and then pour the finished herbal liqueur into a dark glass bottle. To refine, you can add star anise, allspice, honey or agave syrup.

By the way: Since the alcohol content of the herbal liqueur is very high, you can store it for a few years without any problems.