Smoking garlic yourself - 2 simple ways presented

Smoking garlic yourself - 2 simple ways presented

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It's a tradition in France, but rather unknown to us - and smoked garlic tastes so good. And the smoking itself is not even difficult.

smoked garlic

Garlic can be prepared in a variety of ways and used in the kitchen. However, many hobby chefs should be unaware that garlic can also be smoked. In fact, little is known about this in Germany. The tradition comes from France. Garlic has even been smoked here for around 2000 years. A specialty is, for example, the smoked garlic from the French town of Arleux, which with a little luck you can find in certain shops even in Germany.

But you don't even have to go on a search. You can also easily smoke the garlic yourself. You don't even need a smoker to do this.

The idea behind smoking garlic

Everyone knows that fresh garlic is not only particularly aromatic and gives many dishes the right taste, but that it also has many positive health effects. However, if you store it incorrectly or for too long, it not only begins to germinate, it also increasingly loses its valuable ingredients and develops a somewhat bitter taste (reading tip: store garlic - this way it stays fresh longer).

However, if you smoke the tubers cold or hot, the garlic not only stays fresh longer, you can also use it to preserve the ingredients. In addition, the garlic can no longer germinate and change its taste. You can even store the smoked garlic for up to 12 months! often even longer.

This is how the French smoke garlic

The people of Arleux in France harvest the garlic and tie it into braids. Then it is smoked cold over peat for a few weeks. This is how the garlic gets its unique taste. It also keeps its color in this way.

It all sounds a bit complicated at first, so the question of whether you can smoke garlic yourself is justified. Of course you can do that. In consideration of the environment, you should prefer not to smoke with peat.

This is how you can smoke garlic

Instead of peat, it is best to use smoked flour from specialist shops. There are many different varieties that can give the garlic a different flavor. So feel free to try several to find your personal favorite. There are two ways to smoke the garlic.

➯ Option 1 - smoke garlic in the smoker / fireplace:

You can smoke the garlic either in the fireplace or in a special smoker. Hot smoking then takes around 30 minutes. Then the cooked garlic is no longer germinable. After it has cooled completely, you can store it or process it directly. Cold smoking, on the other hand, takes about two to three hours.

➯ Option 2 - smoke garlic in a saucepan:

If you do not have a smoker, you do not have to do without smoked garlic. You can also use a saucepan with a steamer insert for smoking. All you need is aluminum foil and smoke flour.

Put the garlic in the insert, turn the stove on and close the pot with a lid as soon as the flour starts to smoke. Then smoke the garlic over medium heat for 30 minutes. Caution: If you smoke the garlic for too long, it gets a bitter taste.