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Eye-catcher: use sea containers in the garden? 5 examples!

Eye-catcher: use sea containers in the garden? 5 examples!

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Sea containers have always played an important role in freight transportation. Did you also know that these can be used sensibly in the garden? We'll tell you how.


Do you know Malcom McLean? Certainly not, right? He was an American ship owner and transport company who came up with the idea of ​​shipping transport boxes in the 1950s (more about Malcom McLean here). To be precise, these were sea containers. An ingenious invention that saved the laborious task of carrying boxes and sacks in the ports and thus eliminated the heavy drudgery.

The idea, which was once invented by a clever mind, has made other clever minds think about recycling these sea containers in recent years. Finally, some containers are discarded from time to time, but they are still too good to be scrapped. But what do you do with it? Creative people get a sea container and use it sensibly in the garden. That may sound a bit strange at first, but if you take a look at the following ideas for recycling or upcycling the containers, you will also be thrilled.

Let's take an example: get an old sea container and convert it into a garden shed, then the sea container is not only cheaper, it is also more flexible to use than a normal garden shed due to its many uses. If he should go away at some point, you will at least get the scrap value back.

A sea container has quite a few advantages over classic garden and tool sheds, storage sheds and the like. Some people even live permanently in a sea container. See some sea container living examples here.

Here is a picture of a normal, used container as you can buy it (approx. 850, - Euro / net). Here you can see the sea container, so to speak, what it looks like, and below how it could look like.

Possible uses for a sea container in the garden

❖ Idea No. 1 - garden house / workshop:


Let's get back to the idea of ​​the garden shed. It's really a great idea, isn't it? All you have to do is install a few windows and doors (possibly sliding glass doors), repaint the garden shed or e.g. covered with wood and then set up. You don't have to worry about getting your feet wet in the container when it rains. After all, sea containers are usually wind and waterproof.

Of course, this also applies if you convert the sea container into a small workshop. Here you can also integrate sockets, build a tool wall and store your entire tool dry and safe. This is how you create your own small room for crafting and handicrafts, in which you are completely on your own and e.g. You can pursue your hobby if there is not enough space in the house.

❖ Idea No. 2 - Pool:


I would never have thought of that, but you can quickly build a swimming pool out of a sea container. To do this, simply let the container into the ground or set it up normally and then e.g. cover with wood. All you have to do is equip the container with the necessary pool technology. You can then take out your diving goggles and go splashing around. It is always cheaper than having a real pool built or building it yourself.


Find out beforehand from a specialist what you need for pool technology and how best to convert the sea container into a pool.

❖ Idea No. 3 - pool house:


What is part of a pool? Of course, a pool house! Of course, this can also consist of a sea container. Simply remove part of the walls, integrate seating, sink and shower (both if possible in a separate area) and the small but very fine pool house is ready. If you then spice up the color of the container, you have created a real eye-catcher.

❖ Idea No. 4 - storage shed:


However, a sea container does not have to be rebuilt at all to offer a useful place in the garden. For example, you can only equip a container with shelves, wall hooks and brackets and you have already created a super storage shed or a practical garden tool shed. All garden tools such as the lawnmowers, bicycles etc. find their place. This means that they no longer stand around in the garage and accordingly no longer take up unnecessary space.

❖ Idea No. 5 - greenhouse:


If you remove the steel walls of the sea container and replace them with plastic walls, you can use the container as a greenhouse. It is best to leave the doors open so that you can always ventilate the greenhouse. Otherwise, you can use this type of greenhouse just like any other. You only need to plant small beds here and then fill them with soil. After that, nothing stands in the way of the joy of cultivation.