Garden Outdoor Ambience 2015 - It is worth visiting the trade fair here!

Garden Outdoor Ambience 2015 - It is worth visiting the trade fair here!

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You lack inspiration for your garden or you are looking for new trends. Then visit the garden fair Ambiente 2015 in Stuttgart!

Real garden lovers are already in the starting blocks and wait for the season to start again. Today, at the end of March, the signs in Germany are not yet on spring, because it has just snowed. But this unstable weather will soon be over and then it will finally start sowing, planting and of course harvesting your own fruit.

My gardening tip today is less about working but more about getting inspiration. Get creative, thanks to valuable expert tips, beautiful example gardens and the presentation of the latest trends, which you can experience at the "Garden Outdoor Ambience" - a trade fair where everything revolves around private greenery.

Ambiente Outdoor ambience 2015 - date and location

The fascinating garden exhibition takes place this year too Stuttgart instead of. Appointment is the April 9-12, The exhibition center has good connections to the A8 and B27. It is also close to the airport and close to the S-Bahn.

Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH
Messepiazza 1
70629 Stuttgart

opening hours
Thursday: 2 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Friday to Sunday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

✽ What can you expect at the garden fair?

For visitors, the garden fair is an absolute highlight that fits the deadline perfectly to take home new ideas and products. The "garden" is not a pure foam fair, but also a sales event. You can expect a spring-like atmosphere, the presentation of current trends and the latest techniques. All the input that you can take into your home garden and implement directly.

Extra tip for exhibitors
If you want to be an exhibitor at the “Garten Outdoor Ambiente” yourself (register here), get support from The well-trained hostesses are specialists and organize everything as you please, so that your attention can really only be given to customers. Exhibitors with a small staff base should also think about this option. As a lone fighter and newcomer to the exhibition, you will otherwise not be able to cope with the flow of visitors.

✽ Thematic variety at the Garten Ambiente Outdoor

The range of this year's garden fair is so diverse that you should plan enough time. You can expect not only fantastic plant shows but also ideas and expert tips on the following topics:

  • Green and garden planning
  • tree care
  • Green roofs
  • Sun and wind protection systems
  • Balconies and pergolas
  • Natural and paving stones
  • Entrance and gate systems
  • Cold frames and greenhouses
  • Conservatory and fences
  • Garden tools and tools

➤ Specials 2015

In addition to the topics listed, a Special 2015 offered. Everything will revolve around "outdoor living" and "guests and parties". This means high-quality furniture and accessories.

Concentrated knowledge in the forum

You have the opportunity to visit the forum on all four days of the fair. Here you get a lot of technical information about the green topic. Also included are lectures on floral table decorations, optical fibers for the garden, the home of cacti or feng shui in the garden.

"Here you will find the complete forum program 2015.

✽ Night of the Senses in the garden outdoor ambience

The "Night of the Senses", which takes place on the first evening (April 9th), is almost a tradition. An exclusive supporting program with music and culture is offered here. The highlight is the garden award under the motto "Enjoy Green". Moderator Andrea Müller guides the invited guests from politics, business and public life through the evening.

✽ Show gardens on more than 1000m²

My very personal feast for the eyes is always the show gardens at the Outdoor Ambiente. In 2015, exhibitors will do their best again and present fascinating garden concepts for every taste.

This year the offer includes:

  • Rural garden happiness
  • Pure nature (pleasure)
  • Dream garden
  • Garden room - modern and easy to maintain
  • water dreams
  • Garden (T) room

Here is a little foretaste of the 2015 show gardens

Regardless of whether you just want to take a look, be inspired or take the latest trends home with you, a visit to the Outdoor Ambiente garden fair is definitely worth it. Even allotment garden owners have theirs after the exhibition tiny Spots of green conjured up a handsome creative garden.

All information about the fair at a glance: Garden Outdoor Ambience 2015