Cooking carrots - 5 tips for gentle preparation

Cooking carrots - 5 tips for gentle preparation

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When heating carrots, valuable ingredients are usually lost. So that this does not happen to you when cooking, there are a few things you should consider.

Rinse carrots briefly under water

There are many different ways to prepare carrots. However, they are healthiest if they are eaten raw. Vegetables in general are the healthiest as raw food anyway, because any heating means that important and, above all, valuable ingredients are lost. So if you want to cook carrots under the influence of heat, you should do this as gently as possible.

Glazing or steaming are very gentle methods. If you prefer to cook, there are a few things you should keep in mind so that the healthy ingredients are largely preserved.

Tips for gently cooking the carrots

✓ Tip 1:

The gentle preparation begins with the cleaning of the carrots. You should clean them under running water, but don't stretch this process too long. Water is the enemy of vitamins, so important ingredients can be washed out even while cleaning.

✓ Tip 2:

Even when cooking directly, the carrots should not be completely under water, otherwise the valuable vitamins will quickly disappear here too.

✓ Tip 3:

So use only a little water for cooking. It is much better if you use a strainer for the saucepan. There is also a lid on the saucepan that closes properly. The carrots lie in the sieve insert so that they do not come into contact with the water. So you use the steam for cooking, so the lid must remain closed during preparation.

✓ Tip 4:

As soon as you hear a slight whirring on the stove, you can switch the temperature down. If possible, you should not use salt to cook the carrots, because the salt not only draws water from the vegetables, but also ingredients.

✓ Tip 5:

How soft someone wants their carrots is a matter of taste. The firmer the carrots are after cooking, the healthier they are.

Cook the carrots in the pressure cooker

Cooking the carrots in a special pressure cooker is of course even easier and easier. With many models, you can already set how carefully the vegetables are prepared. Here you can choose the lowest level for the carrots. The great advantage of the pressure cooker is that the lid remains firmly closed all the time, so that almost no steam can escape.

You should also use as little water as possible with this form of preparation. After cooking, be sure to add a little oil or butter to the carrots, as this is the only way the body can absorb the fat-soluble vitamins A and E.

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