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Grating an apple - 5 different options presented

Grating an apple - 5 different options presented

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Applesauce, baby food or for the morning cereal - grated apples are used everywhere. But with which device do you get the best result?

There are several ways to grate apples

Apples are one of the most popular fruits of the Germans - so it's no wonder that we bring them to our menu in all variations. Whether it's dried apples, apple chips or deliciously juicy in a cake - it refines many dishes with its aroma.

In many dishes or cake recipes, the apple should be grated. Not a nice task. Not paying attention, you can hurt yourself quickly. So they are looking for a way to grate their apples without much time and effort and of course without risk of injury.

We have put together the 5 best options for you here.

Grate apples with 5 different devices

Variant 1: glass grater

Glass graters are probably the best known grater for apples - at least in earlier times. In the meantime, they have been replaced by various kitchen machines - unfortunately! Because with the glass grater you get the valuable taste of the apple on the one hand and the color on the other. With metal graters, for example, the apple quickly turns brown and the taste changes.

You always have a small container around the grater to catch the juice of the apple. Especially if you just want to grate an apple for complementary foods, you should think about buying a glass grater. After all, who likes to get the food processor for an apple going all the time ?!

"You can get glasses for less than 10 euros from Amazon, for example

Variant 2: square drive

Everyone has probably seen and used a square drive. Whether cheese, cucumber, apples, carrots or potatoes - every kind of fruit and vegetable can be grated here. The biggest advantage of these square drives is of course the different cutting options. Thanks to the four grating surfaces, you can grate finely or coarsely, cut even slices or grind very finely - as you wish. However, the negative change in taste is particularly noticeable with apples. If you don't mind, you can use a square drive and take advantage of the fact that it can still be used for other purposes.

You can find square drives in almost every supermarket in the household departments or here at Amazon.

Variant 3: hand blender

If you like to cook applesauce for yourself and your loved ones, you would spend hours with a grater getting the apples small. This is much easier and more efficient with a hand blender, for example. Simply cut the apples and their skins into small pieces beforehand and then use the hand blender to make them into mush.

You can also use a hand blender to prepare sauces or porridge the vegetables for the soup.

If you do not yet have a hand blender, but would like to finally get one, you should make sure that the lower mixing section is made of stainless steel and not plastic. On the one hand, there is no unsightly color on the stainless steel and, on the other hand, it can be quickly thrown into the dishwasher for cleaning.

Variant 4: food processor

The compact kitchen machines are much more expensive to buy, but also more extensive to use. But here, too, it is of course true that switching on is only worthwhile if the quantities are correspondingly large. For a small portion of grated apple for the offspring, it is not worth using the food processor. On the one hand it is not worth the cost of electricity and on the other hand you have more to do afterwards to get the device clean again.

There is a large selection of kitchen machines. Here you should carefully consider in advance what you want to use the machine for. There are now machines that even stir the dough. So think first, then look and then order in peace.

You will also find a large selection here at Amazon, some at unbeatable prices. It's worth comparing!

Variant 5: Multi shredder

Instead of a large food processor, many still have a so-called “Moulinette” in the cupboard. These are small devices with a cutting knife in them that can be used to chop vegetables at the push of a button. In addition to vegetables, you can also take fruit. You should only know that, for example, the apple was processed into applesauce.

Multi-shredders are smaller than the compact food processor and therefore particularly suitable for small kitchens with little storage space.