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Blanch carrots - quick & easy

Blanch carrots - quick & easy

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You can prepare carrots in different ways, one possible variant is blanching. With this preparation, the vegetables remain firm to the bite and retain most of their vitamins.

It sounds complicated, but it is easy and, above all, quick to do. Blanching is a very short process in which the carrots are only briefly cooked.

With this method, the nutrients and vitamins are largely preserved. You can then process the carrots straight away, for example to prepare a salad.

The vegetables are placed in boiling water for only one to two minutes and then quenched. The water must be as cold as possible to quench it, so it's best to use ice water.

“By the way, before you freeze carrots, they have to be blanched. (Reading tip: Freeze carrots - this is how it's done)

7 tips: blanch carrots

Tip 1:

You blanch carrots before freezing or if you only want them to be minimally softer. For example, this is perfect for a salad or a vegetable platter.

Tip 2:

With small carrots, it is sufficient to wash the vegetables thoroughly or scrape them off, only larger carrots should be peeled with a peeler.

Tip 3:

Then you can chop the carrots as you like, either into pencils, slices or cubes

Tip 4:

Sufficient water is brought to a boil in a large saucepan.

Tip 5:

During the heating-up phase, you can already prepare a bowl of ice water for subsequent quenching. To do this, put a few ice cubes in a large bowl and then fill them with cold water.

Tip 6:

As soon as the water boils, you can put the carrot pieces in it. Look at the timer and wait at most two minutes.

Tip 7:

The carrots are poured off through a sieve and immediately added to the ice water. Just wait a little and then drain the vegetables again.