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Cooking carrots - it's that easy

Cooking carrots - it's that easy

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Cooking vegetables is not rocket science, which also applies to carrots. However, there are a few important points to keep in mind so that the valuable ingredients are retained.

Carrots are extremely popular with young and old. They can not only be planted easily in the garden, but are also prepared in the kitchen. Without a lot of tam tam and still simply delicious.

It is only important to know that the carrots are prepared correctly so that the valuable ingredients are preserved. Vitamins A and E in particular make carrots a very healthy vegetable, they should not be lost when cooking, so the preparation must be as gentle as possible.

Here are some tips that you shouldn't lose sight of when cooking carrots.

Tips for gentle cooking of the carrots

Carrots are naturally healthiest as raw food, that is not a question. So as often as possible you should avoid cooking and enjoy the carrots in the form of a salad or squeeze a juice out of them. However, if you want to cook the carrots, as little water as possible should be used unless you want to cook a carrot soup.

Before cooking, you should always scrub the vegetables thoroughly under running water with a brush and then best peel the carrots with a vegetable peeler. Now you can cut the carrots into pens, cubes or slices, you can also prepare small carrots in one piece.

" Tip: The pieces should not be too large for cooking, because then the preparation time is all the longer.

Preparation methods for the carrots

»Tip 1:
Carrots shouldn't be boiled in water at all. It is best to always use a special strainer for the saucepan. There is very little water in the pot, the vegetables in the strainer do not touch the water surface. The carrots are only cooked in steam, which is why the saucepan lid remains closed all the time.

»Tip 2:
Alternatively, you can melt some butter in a saucepan and add some sugar, then the carrots are caramelized in it. Then add very little water or vegetable broth and cook the carrots for about 10 minutes. You should stay firm to the bite. The vegetables can then be seasoned with very little salt, pepper and fresh parsley.

»Tip 3:
Another method is the preparation with onions and cream. The onions are finely chopped and swirled in melted butter in a saucepan until they are golden yellow. The sliced ​​carrots are placed in a saucepan and covered with boiling water. They should soak in it for five minutes. Then the water is poured off and the carrots go into the pot with the onions. Add very little water and let it cook for seven minutes on medium heat. Then season with salt and pepper and add a little cream, then cook on a low setting for another four minutes.