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Grilling carrots - Instructions & tips

Grilling carrots - Instructions & tips

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Carrots cut a particularly good figure on the grill. They are simply delicious and wonderfully aromatic. Our tips reveal how you can quickly and easily prepare carrots on the grill.

Grilled carrots are particularly aromatic

While real meat eaters look forward to the juicy steak during the barbecue season, the only vegetarian option is fish or vegetables. Eggplants, peppers or zucchini are the most likely to come to mind. The same thing always gets boring and boring at some point. It is not that difficult to bring some variety to the grill - even for vegetarians.

Carrots are not the typical grilled vegetables now, but the tubers are a very tasty and, above all, aromatic alternative to many other vegetables. However, there are small things to consider when preparing. Only then can you experience an unlimited taste experience.

Prepare carrots for grilling

Most of the time, some soil still sticks to the carrots, so they should first be cleaned under running water. A special vegetable brush is best suited here. Bundle carrots are also ideal for grilling. Here you should definitely remove the green beforehand, otherwise it would burn on the grill.

If you want, you can also remove the peel with a peeler. Then you can save yourself the work of cleaning in the beginning.

It doesn't matter which grill you use to prepare the carrots. The best and most spicy aroma you will certainly get on a classic charcoal grill due to the smoky aroma. It would be important that the carrots have approximately the same strength so that the preparation time is approximately the same for everyone. They should not be too thin, otherwise they will get mushy very quickly.

Usually you do not have to cut the carrots, you can place them whole on the grill.

Tips for preparation on the grill

"Tip 1: How you prepare and season the carrots on the grill is a matter of taste. The inherent taste of the vegetables is slightly sweet and mild, so you can still season them more vigorously. However, the aromas should only underline the typical taste of the carrot and not cover it up. When preparing the carrots, they are similar to grilled sausages, the best way to grab and turn them is with a pair of grilling tongs.

"Tip 2: If you grill the carrots, make sure you have enough liquid, otherwise they will burn very quickly. It's best to marinate it in advance. Olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic provide a good base. Even melted butter, balsamic vinegar, some maple syrup or honey, salt, grated orange or lemon peel and fresh parsley make the grilled carrots a real taste experience.

"Tip 3: So that no liquid drips onto the charcoal when grilling, you can also put the carrots in an aluminum dish.

"Tip 4: You can also blanch the carrots briefly before marinating and grilling, which also shortens the preparation.