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Clean greenhouse panes - that's how it's done

Clean greenhouse panes - that's how it's done

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If a lot of light can get into the greenhouse, the harvest will be more productive. So swing the cleaning rags in the spring and clean the greenhouse panes.


Cleaning is not exactly everyone's cup of tea, but if it serves to make the harvest more profitable, most willingly do it. So if you have a glass greenhouse in the garden, the windows have to be cleaned now and then. After all, not only does normal dust and dirt adhere to the windows, but limescale and algae can also form on them. The result: the dirty windows can no longer allow enough sunlight to enter, which is essential for the plants to thrive.

Clean greenhouse in spring

You can basically clean your greenhouse all year round. However, spring is the best time for this, because then you have not yet started planting and therefore the whole house is not completed. If you want to clean the windows at a different time, you have a lot more work to do, because you first have to create the necessary space - at least when it comes to cleaning from the inside. Recommended reading: Greenhouse: basic equipment & useful accessories presented.

Cleaning the greenhouse in winter would also be extremely inconvenient, as you would then have to open the ventilation devices and it would quickly become too cold in the greenhouse. It is important that the weather is as mild and dry as possible so that you can open windows and ventilation.

This is how greenhouse panes are cleaned

➤ Step 1:

First of all, dedicate yourself to cleaning the glass fronts from the outside. If you have a steam jet, you can use it to easily remove the coarse dirt. With this device you can also reach the places between the window panels where dirt likes to settle. Alternatively, you can of course wash the fronts with the garden hose.

➤ Step 2:

For thorough cleaning, it is best to use a soft root brush or a sponge and warm water, in which you add a few splashes of an environmentally friendly cleaning agent. If you find it difficult to reach higher places, you can also use a long broom. This also applies to the roof of the greenhouse.

➤ Step 3:

If there are stubborn limescale deposits on the panes, you can either use a special limescale cleaner or try vinegar essence. You can either apply this directly to the lime deposits or you can add some of it to the lukewarm cleaning water.

Even with green rubbers, you don't have to unpack the chemical club straight away. Usually they should also be easy to remove with a conventional window cleaner.

➤ Step 4:

After you have finished cleaning from the outside, proceed in the same way in the interior. When cleaning, look out for any leaks, oil the metal parts and treat rusty areas.