Glazing carrots - that's how it's done

Glazing carrots - that's how it's done

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Carrots are very versatile in the kitchen. Have you ever tried glazed carrots? No? Let's go.

Carrots are one of the most popular vegetables in Germany. In many gardens, the tubers begin to grow in May, which are then eaten either raw, as a side dish or as a salad. However, many do not even know that carrots can also be processed and prepared in another way.

This is how grilled carrots taste delicious, even a freshly squeezed and refined carrot juice is a real delicacy and glazed carrots are a welcome change from the simple vegetable side dish. We will now tell you how it works with glazing.

The right carrots

Young bunched carrots are best suited for glazing. They harvest them in their own garden, but can also buy them in spring and summer. These glazed carrots are a delicious accompaniment to poultry, meat, fish or game dishes. In our example, we use sugar for glazing, but you can also use honey. But this can burn more easily.

Prepare carrots

First, remove the green from the young bunched carrots so that about two centimeters remain. The unsightly parts are cut off, but for some carrots it is also sufficient if you only clean the roots with a pointed knife. Then the carrots are thoroughly cleaned with a vegetable brush under cold, running water. If the tubers are a little thicker, you should cut them in half or peel them thinner.

Glaze carrots in sugar and butter

Now froth two tablespoons of butter in a large saucepan and melt one or two tablespoons of sugar in it. The sugar is mixed well with the butter, always pay attention to the heat, so that the butter does not brown and the sugar does not burn. By the way, sugar and honey can get extremely hot when heated, so be careful, it could splash. If you want to use honey for glazing instead of sugar, you need roughly the same amount.

The carrots are steamed in the mixture of butter and sugar for around three minutes, then quench with about 125 ml of vegetable broth. The temperature is turned down, then let the vegetables simmer until the liquid has the consistency of a syrup. Shake the braising pan again and again, because this is the only way to evenly glaze the carrots all around.

Season the carrots to taste

While glazing, you can season and refine the carrots according to your personal taste. You only need a little salt, but you can use freshly ground pepper. Ginger goes very well with the carrot vegetables, which ensures an exotic, fresh aroma. You can also vary the taste with cinnamon or nutmeg as you like.

In addition to the typical parsley, herbs are also available with coriander, basil, chervil, mint or tarragon. If you like it exotic, you can also refine it with almonds, grated coconut and some curry. A dash of orange juice creates a fruity taste.