Cut hazelnut - that's how it's done

Cut hazelnut - that's how it's done

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The hazelnut tree is one of the more easy-care trees and does not necessarily have to be cut. But now and then it should also be brought into shape.

Only cut the hazelnut tree every 2 - 3 years

The hazelnut tree is one of the most undemanding trees that you can plant in your garden (reading tip: hazelnut tree - cultivation and care). Only the hazelnut drill can sometimes bother him. Basically, it doesn't need to be cut, unless you want to keep it in a certain shape. It looks different when the hazelnut tree has suddenly grown very large. After all, the hazelnut tree can grow very abundantly within a short time. If he then no longer has enough space, a cut should be made. If the plant is already very old, you can also give it a rejuvenation cut before the leaves start to sprout.

If only the natural growth is to be preserved, it is sufficient to light the tree from time to time. To do this, you simply have to cut off the dry and old shoots near the ground. The corkscrew hazelnut, however, is that it has its typical growth habit. Here it is sufficient if you occasionally remove the game shoots on the rhizome.

Choose the right time

➤ Time for the topiary:

Basically, you have to say that you don't have to cut your hazelnut tree at all. If you still want to get it into shape, it is sufficient if you carry out this work every two to three years. However, the right time is important. Since these trees bloom much earlier than others, namely in February or March, the topiary should definitely be done in winter.

The good thing is that the wood is quite dry at this point, so it doesn't bleed as much because the sap is mostly in the roots of the tree. You also have a much better overview, since no leaves are hiding the branches.

➤ Time for the taper cut:

If you want to rejuvenate the tree, it is best to cut the tree over a total of three years. Between October and March, you should cut about a third of all branches to about 40 cm. Half of the remaining branches follow in the second year and the rest in the third year.

➤ Special case of corkscrew hazelnut:

The branches are twisted on the corkscrew hazelnut. Branches growing straight up from the base can disturb this look. So it's best to cut them off. You don't have to stick to a fixed time here. You can easily cut these branches all year round.

Tips for pruning the hazelnut

➥ Tip 1 - remove the right parts:

If you want to cut back your hazelnut tree, it is important to remove the correct parts. The plant can grow very profusely. To prevent overgrowth, it is best to first remove the shoots from the trunk. You should also remove sprouts from the ground, otherwise you may soon have a second tree right next to it. (Reading tip: multiply hazelnut shrub - 3 options presented with instructions)

But not only the shoots should be considered when pruning. Old, dead branches within the tree top must also be removed. This ensures that more light comes to the plant in spring and summer.

➥ Tip 2 - keep the hazelnut tree small:

The hazelnut can reach a height of up to 10 meters. So if you want to keep them smaller, you have to intervene in good time. So cut about a third of the old shoots directly at the base for the maintenance cut. This also applies to the flowering rot and dead shoots of the plant. This is the only way that the fresh shoots can develop unhindered because there is enough space available. If you cut back the hazelnut every two years in this way, the tree will remain healthy and blooming.