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Store the Sugar Loaf Salad Properly - Here's How

Store the Sugar Loaf Salad Properly - Here's How

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Once the Sugar Loaf Salad has been harvested, it must also be prepared. With the right storage, it also stays fresh for some time.

Sugarloaf salad

When we talk about the sugar loaf, we are not talking about Rio de Janeiro's landmark or the sweet sugar cone, but a type of salad. The Sugar Loaf Salad is certainly not as well known and not as widespread as many other types of salad in home gardens, but you should have heard of this type of salad.

Also known as chicory salad or meat herb, the salad is closely related to the endive and comes from radicchio and chicory. You can e.g. Enjoy it raw as a salad or steam it. But you should know one more thing before you turn your nose up at the taste: like the endive, the sugarloaf salad also contains many bitter substances. As the size of the lettuce heads increases, however, the bitter taste loses somewhat. Reading tip: Bitter the Sugar Loaf Salad - With these 4 tips it works!

Proper storage of the Sugar Loaf Salad

If you grow sugarloaf salad in the garden, you will certainly ask yourself how to store the sugarloaf properly and keep it fresh for as long as possible if the yield is high. This works best if you stick to the following points.

❖ harvest time:

The salad tolerates light frost very well, which is why you can still leave it in the bed in winter. You should only harvest it if there are longer periods of frost.

❖ Storage location:

If you store the whole heads nice and dark and cool, they will last for several weeks. The basement would be the ideal storage location as long as it is dry and airy.

If you don't have a basement, you can also remove the roots and outer leaves, wrap the lettuce in a plastic bag, and then keep it in the freezer.

❖ Storage variants:

It is best to hang the Sugar Loaf Salad upside down on the trunk on a leash. Alternatively, you can leave the roots on the lettuce heads and then roll them up in newspaper and keep them upright in boxes.


If you store several heads next to each other, they must not touch each other, otherwise pressure points could result, and therefore rot. If, on the other hand, the outer leaves dry out, this is even useful because it is a natural protective layer for the rest of the lettuce.