Creating order in the tool shed - my personal 5-point plan

Creating order in the tool shed - my personal 5-point plan

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Countless garden tools, but little space. A problem that many garden owners face. With my tips you bring order to the tool shed.

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Around 53 percent of all Germans are proud garden owners and just over 30 percent would like one. Not everyone can afford a garden due to their living situation or due to time constraints, even if it is still the No. 1 resort.

I am happy to have one and I don’t want to miss it anymore, because there is almost nothing nicer to switch off. However, you should not have any false illusions, because a garden definitely does work. Like every household, the private green area needs a certain structure. Garden tools in particular need to be looked after and taken care of. I have acquired a certain system with which I bring order to the garden shed and keep it.

Point 1: Sort seeds by month

If the weather cooperates, it only takes a few days until the planting season starts again. I like to always have everything at hand. Long searching and rummaging disturbs my peace of mind. So I thought about how and where I could sort my seeds, which were stored airtight and dark in the house during the winter. There are more tips for correct storage on

It was a coincidence that my husband started a cleanup in his do-it-yourself basement at the same time. From his sorting box set (bought at I branched off a few for my garden. Honestly, I never thought that simple plastic containers could be so practical. It is not yet visible in the photo, but in the meantime I have made myself small cards that can be wonderfully inserted into the transparent drawers. All seeds are practically sorted according to the respective planting month.

Point 2: Move rarely used things up

Garden and tool sheds are often not very large, unless you have your own brand. Therefore, plan meticulously exactly where you can store what. My motto: everything you don't need every day belongs upwards.

Due to lack of space, things sometimes end up in my garden shed that I don't need for the garden. But I think I'm not alone in that. For example, I store rims that are not currently needed in the upper drawer of a steel shelf that also offers additional storage space. An additional storage space is created when you attach metal pipes and brackets to the wall and pull in wooden boards as intermediate floors. For me there is space for lumber for the fire bowl. If you build this classification system yourself, you can adjust the distances according to your wishes - an advantage that should not be underestimated.

Point 3: holder for the garden hose

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The garden hose should generally only be taken out if it is actually used. If you leave it crisscross in the garden, it quickly becomes a trip hazard. If he has to spend the winter months under a blanket of snow, he will surely resent you.

Devices on which the hose can be wound are always the best. Admittedly, my construction is not the most beautiful, but it works. I've been flirting with this Amazon bestseller for a long time, but I still have to discuss this issue with my better half. 😉

If, like me, you have to wind up by hand, you should do this carefully to avoid kinks in the tube. It is best to place one end of the garden hose on the ground and then the rest above in a circle. Finally tie everything together and hang it up.

Point 4: Garden tools simply hung up

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The most used garden tools such as hoe, rake, spade and broom get a place of honor in the tool shed. They should not be placed in a corner or placed on the floor. With simple means you can create a wall construction on which all tools can be hung to save space.

Use the commercially available devices or build your own hook bar. The latter was implemented by my husband in our garden shed, which I also like best. So this variant can be expanded from time to time. Simply hit two hooks parallel in the wall, the distance depends on the grip width of the tool to be hung.

If there is no handle above, drill a hole in the handle, thread a stronger band through it and can hang up rakes and Co.

Point 5: where to put the lawn mower?

Some drive Your lawnmower in the garage or basement after work. We have to find a place for the “monster” in the tool shed. The purchase of the attachment mower was definitely a wise decision, because it mows the lawn 5 times faster than with a handheld device. However, the part also requires more floor space.

My advice: Park the lawnmower near the door. This saves you the annoying juggling when driving in and out.