Which plants are suitable for bamboo?

Which plants are suitable for bamboo?

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Bamboo is noble and a practical screen, but not easy to use. The selection of suitable companion plants is less complicated.

Did you know that there are around 1,500 types of bamboo worldwide? Only in Europe and the Antarctic is the plant belonging to the sweet grasses not native. Nevertheless, bamboo can also be planted in our latitudes.

It is better not to resort to tropical varieties because they do not tolerate frost so well in Germany. Other species, on the other hand, get along very well with the minus degrees.

Once the decision has been made in favor of bamboo, garden owners are asked the next question. Which plants go well with bamboo, what is best tolerated and which plants shouldn't be planted in the immediate vicinity?

Important note for newcomers to bamboo

In bamboo, a distinction is made between the clump-forming and the branch-forming genus. The latter can make life very difficult for a garden owner, since the bamboo spreads rapidly and, above all, in an uncontrolled manner. To prevent this, a so-called rhizome barrier must be created. You can find detailed step-by-step instructions at Some bamboo owners have also tried concrete edging or digging a trench. For me in the long run no alternative and must be digged either way.

These plants go well with bamboo

Because bamboo is a penumbra, it works best with all Asian plants. So that these also work well and are not “crushed” by the bamboo, it is best to use higher-growing varieties.

  1. Japanese maple

    With the Japanese maple, it is important that it has a loose and crumbly bottom. Once this basis has been created, the maple is relatively easy to care for.

    ➤ In any case, make sure that the Japanese maple no wet feet waterlogging should be avoided.

  2. Hydrangeas

    Hydrangeas or water shrubs, with their large, colored flowers, form an excellent contrast to the bamboo. To avoid constant planting and planting, choose a hardy variety, like panicle hydrangea. This variety can be bush-shaped and even grown like a small tree (source: The hydrangea must then be cut back in late autumn or spring.

  3. Camellias

    The camellias so popular with us come from the East Asian region. The ornamental plant is a great match for bamboo because it places the same demands on ornamental grass. The best way to give both plants the moisture they need is to apply a layer of mulch. The disadvantage is that the camellia is not hardy. However, I've also heard gardening enthusiasts, in which an almost dead plant showed new shoots again in the early summer.

  4. Rhododendron

    Another beautiful companion plant to the bamboo is the rhododendron. So that it can develop its full beauty year after year, fertilize after flowering. Like the bamboo, the rhododendron does not tolerate waterlogging. You only have to adapt your casting behavior to that of the rhododendron.

  5. Azalea

    With spectacular flowers and breathtaking colors, the azalea gives the evergreen bamboo a wonderful contrast. Even in autumn, the azaleas are a feast for the eyes, because the foliage changes color in this season from sparkling bronze to glowing red. Garden azaleas are a genus of rhododendron and should therefore be treated equally when cared for.

  6. Hostas

    However, the bamboo does not necessarily have to have only lush blooms in its vicinity. A leafy perennial, such as the Funkie, is also suitable, since most species come from the Asian region. In this country, sparks are also called heart leaf lines, which is due to the leaf shape. The different shades of green, mixed with white, visually match the bamboo perfectly.

  7. Vinca minor

    If you cannot plant large shrubs due to lack of space, Vinca minor will hit the bull's eye. The evergreen, low ground cover is available in different flower colors, but in my opinion it looks particularly simple in white, very classy. By the way, in "large" there is also the evergreen and in umpteen different varieties. If you are interested, you will find lots of plant portraits on

  8. Cherry laurel

    Even though it was given the name of the well-known kitchen spice because of its leaf shape, the cherry laurel doesn't have much in common with it. It is used in the garden decoration used or as a hedge. The cherry laurel fits the bamboo without question, but can grow up to 10 meters high. He also has the bad habit of spreading himself (self-sowing).