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Prefer carrots - that's how it's done

Prefer carrots - that's how it's done

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If the temperatures are not too stable outside, you can prefer your carrots indoors. However, this method is not easy.

Carrots are very common in German gardens. Their cultivation is not particularly difficult and they are very versatile in the kitchen. Most hobby gardeners usually plant the seeds directly outdoors. Carrots are not usually part of the typical vegetable that is preferred. This is mainly due to the fact that carrots are ready to harvest fairly quickly. You can even sow the root vegetables several times in one season.

Nevertheless, it is of course also possible for carrots to be preferred on the windowsill or in the cold frame. However, it has to be said that the yield is usually better if you sow directly outdoors.

❀ Growing carrots indoors

From February or March you can start growing vegetables on the windowsill. In addition to the seeds, you need either a special growing soil or alternatively sanded and screened compost.

The pots for growing should have a diameter and a height of at least eight centimeters, this is the only way to ensure sufficient space and stability. It is best to get matching coasters so that the water can flow off and nothing gets dirty.

You should later place the planters in a bright window, where the temperatures are as constant as possible at around 20 degrees. Fill the pots so high with the soil that there is still about a centimeter to the edge. The soil is then moistened before planting, but it must not be wet. At intervals of two centimeters, make small depressions of one to two centimeters and add a few seeds.

❀ Care of the seedlings

As soon as the plant sprout from the soil, you should only water it very carefully and only when the soil is dry. It is better than watering if you occasionally place the pots in a bowl filled with water. In this way, the earth can absorb water without danger from above. The earth doesn't get too wet either, so that putrefaction can be prevented.

❀ Pricking out the young plants

As soon as the seedlings are two to three weeks old, they have to be separated. (Reading tip: Separate carrots - create space for greater yield) This is the only way that they have enough space to grow and can develop strong roots. Using a prick stick or the handle of a spoon, carefully lift the seedlings together with the root ball out of the pot.

Then carefully separate the plants and sort out weak specimens. The strong seedlings get the roots shortened a little, then put them individually in pots filled with soil. In the further period, the carrots are watered moderately.

As soon as the ice saints are over, i.e. around mid / late May, you can then move the young plants into the garden.