Store arugula - this way the salad stays fresh longer

Store arugula - this way the salad stays fresh longer

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If you have some arugula again, don't throw it away. We explain how to store arugula correctly and keep it fresh for longer.

Arugula in the packaging

Arugula is a very healthy and now extremely popular leafy vegetable. It convinces above all with its spicy, slightly pungent taste. Of course, arugula, which is the German name for arugula, tastes best fresh, as is the case with vegetables. The fresher the salad is, the more valuable vitamins and nutrients it also contains (reading tip: arugula nutritional values ​​- that's how healthy the rocket is).

Growing arugula yourself and processing fresh from the garden is always the best option. Otherwise you can buy rocket in bowls in the shops. You don't always need the complete amount to prepare a dish. Throwing the rest away would be a shame. But how should the leafy vegetables be stored so that they stay fresh for as long as possible?

How to properly store arugula

We have to say one thing in advance: you shouldn't keep arugula for a long time. This is basically the case with lettuce, regardless of the type. Salad quickly wilts and also loses its healthy ingredients and taste. You cannot store the arugula longer than two to three days. It is best to do the following.

  1. It is important that you clean the salad before storing it. This will remove any putrefaction agents that could spoil more quickly.
  2. After that, it is important that you drain the lettuce well.
  3. You should then sort out and discard yellow leaves and leaves with brown spots.
  4. Then you have to put the arugula in a plastic bag or in a sealable plastic container and then into the vegetable compartment.

It is also important during storage that the salad is not pressed by other foods. This is the only way it stays fresh for a few days and does not get pressure marks.