Pouring grapevines - this is how it's done

Pouring grapevines - this is how it's done

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For vines to thrive, they not only need a sunny location - they also need to be watered properly. Here's how to do it right.

Grape-seed umbel

If you cultivate grapevines in the garden, you have to expect a lot of maintenance, especially when cutting. When it comes to watering the plants, you have far less to do, at least when the vines are a bit older. Because initially the vines really need a lot of water.

How to properly pour grapevines

After planting:

In the beginning, it is important that you provide the plants with sufficient water, because they are essential for the formation of strong roots. Only when rooting is optimal can the grapevine absorb sufficient nutrients from the soil and thrive as best as possible. The well-developed roots will help the plant to cope with dry weather in the future, as it can absorb moisture better.

In order to promote root growth, you should not provide the plants with water every day, but if so with a large amount. As a guideline, 10 liters per plant are given every seven days. Follow this scheme for the first six weeks after planting out. You should only refrain from watering the vines if it has rained heavily.

Vines on a wall or wall:

If you have placed the grapevines on a wall or wall to green the wall of the house, the rainwater cannot reach the roots of the plants well. In this case, you need to water the plants every seven to 10 days. Each plant then needs 10 to 20 liters of water.

From the second year onwards:

From the second year onwards, the water requirement decreases. The plants can now easily cope with dry periods of two to three weeks. The plant “learns” over time to keep up with the water reserves. The vine now gets along well with the natural rainfall. You should only reach for the watering can and water the grapevines in particularly bad periods of drought.