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Prefer pumpkin - step by step instructions

Prefer pumpkin - step by step instructions

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Pumpkins usually take a long time to ripen in the garden. So it may be worth it if you prefer them. This guide shows you how to do it.

Pumpkins in growing pots

If you move the pumpkin to a protected area, this has the advantage that it ripens much earlier in the garden. So you can make delicious pumpkin soup yourself or put pumpkins much sooner than any other.

Requirements for moving forward

Start growing the pumpkins between mid-April and early May. It is important that the pumpkins can germinate in a warm location. The temperature should be constantly around 20 degrees. It doesn't matter whether you prefer the pumpkins on the windowsill or in the (heated) greenhouse, it is only important that the pumpkins also get enough light in addition to the uniform heat.

So pumpkins are preferred

➥ Step 1:

It is best to soak the pumpkin seeds in water (room temperature) overnight. Then fill several flower pots with a good seed soil. In each pot there are two seeds, which you have to put into the soil about two centimeters deep with the pointed side down.

2 Step 2:

You must always keep the soil moist during the germination period. The seeds should germinate after just a few days. In the further course, one seedling will usually develop better than the other. Then you should only leave the stronger one per pot.

If the weather is mild, you can also place the plants in the sun during the day. You only have to spend the nights indoors.

3 Step 3:

Around mid-May, as soon as the seedlings have planted at least three leaves, it is time to move them to the garden. It is important that night frosts no longer threaten, which is why you should always wait for the ice saints.

You should then place the young plants in the bed at a distance of at least one meter. Before doing so, it is important that you loosen the soil well and supply it with mature compost. You can also plant the pumpkins directly on the compost heap, because here they have all the nutrients they need to thrive.

4 Step 4:

Afterwards it is only a matter of caring for the pumpkin properly. These need e.g. always quite a large amount of water. So water the pumpkins regularly. In between, you should also give some fertilizer. (Reading tip: harvest pumpkin - how it's done)