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Planting the north balcony - plants and care instructions for the shadow balcony presented

Planting the north balcony - plants and care instructions for the shadow balcony presented

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A horror for every gardener, but still not an insurmountable obstacle: if you have a north or shadow balcony, you don't have to do without blooming flowers.

North balconies have to get by without the sun

Instead of having their own garden, many people have a balcony, which they would also like to plant beautifully. The size of the balcony and its respective orientation are decisive for the selection of plants. As a rule, most of the balconies have a south, south-west or west orientation. This means that the sun shines here from noon. A much smaller proportion still has a south-east or east orientation (sun from morning to noon).

Pure north-facing balconies that do not need direct sunlight are rather rare. Anyone who has such a north-facing balcony and is also a passionate gardener is really punished. Because flowers that bloom beautifully on a south-facing balcony would die miserably on the north-facing balcony. After all, this is a shadow garden, which is why you should only populate it with shadow plants.

Suitable plants for the north balcony

  • Hardworking Lieschen / Edellieschen - undemanding, good growth, available in a wide variety of colors
  • fuchsia - shoots particularly well in high humidity
  • hydrangea - can be kept on a north balcony as a container plant
  • begonia - Bulbous begonia and hanging begonia thrive well in the shade
  • bellflower - does not like direct sunlight, hanging bluebells are suitable for window boxes
  • astilbe - perennial, robust, blooms in a constantly moist soil over a long period of time
  • boxwood - forms a beautiful contrast to the flowering plants on the north balcony
  • ferns - Perennial plants, also look very nice on a balcony

Reading tip: planting flowers on the balcony - creative planting ideas and easy-care flowers are presented

Care instructions for the shadow balcony

Balcony plants that love shade do not differ much from conventional plants. Nevertheless, there are a few things to consider here.

➤ Pour:

Plants that have been planted on a shade balcony generally require much less water than plants that thrive on a sun balcony. You can tell on the ground whether a shade plant needs water or not. Just put your finger in it. If the earth is damp, you do not need to water it yet.

When watering the plants, you should take care that there is no waterlogging. The water does not evaporate so quickly on a north-facing balcony.

➤ Pluck withered flowers:

It is usually the case that with some plant species it promotes the re-formation of flowers when you pick the withered flowers. Since shade plants have a hard time developing fully, you should always pluck the withered flowers and leaves on all balcony plants.

➤ Wintering:

Almost all balcony plants must always be particularly well protected in the winter months. It is best to coat your plants with a garden fleece or with jute. You should also place tub plants on a polystyrene plate and cover the tub with a bubble wrap and then with a linen sack.